Hey, I saw your ad in Blah Blah Magazine, looks good! I heard your ad on the radio today, sounds really professional. I saw your company name on tv this morning.

Those comments from your friends, family and existing customers really gets you going and hopeful that the waves of new customers will start running in the doors any minute. Insert disappointment when they don’t.

The reason these medias don’t typically generate a lot of immediate direct revenue is that they are meant to create brand awareness. Now brand awareness is very important because if the public doesn’t know you exist then even if you are THE BEST…they don’t know what they don’t know and won’t ever call you or stop into your showroom.

DIRECT RESPONSE MEDIA has an entirely different purpose. Just like the name says it exists to generate a DIRECT RESPONSE…or drive people to call you or visit your location. The different forms of direct response media are those that make people react…direct mail, online advertising, trade/home improvement magazines, and email marketing are a couple examples. You will find that a well designed ad, unless you are incredibly well branded and a household name, will be more concentrated on what you do or see versus who you are.

A perfect example of a very effective direct response media is my cooperative direct mail postcard deck. Consumers will flip through the different ads in my deck and the primary focus of each ad is very apparent with the name of the company being of secondary importance. People will still see who you are and therefore branding is a nice byproduct of what we do, but we are more concerned with creating action and generating response that will end in revenue generation.

You will notice very well funded, large companies putting out rather obscure commercials/ads that don’t really say anything about their products or services, and that is fine for a company who already has the customer base to support it, but most companies need to make sure their advertising is generating revenue.

The moral to this story is that if you are looking to generate or invoke a response, look to direct response advertising as it will immediately start generating income…if you just want to get your name out there then branding is a great way to go.

I hope that clears up some of your questions and explains why that 30-60 radio campaign didn’t really do much for you.