How did you feel as your last customer walked away from your completed transaction?

Were you proud of how everything went?

Did the customer walk away happy?

Were they pleased enough with you and your services/products that they will sing your praises to anyone who will listen?

Do you feel like you were compensated satisfactorily for your efforts?

If you answered a resounding “YES” to all of these questions then you probably have found your ideal target audience. As a business owner we want the stars to align and we want to be appreciated…and we want that to be the case with every single one of our customers, RIGHT?

Well, we all know that is nearly impossible, but we also know that if we specifically reach our ideal target audience with a product, service or offer that piques their interest, the odds of attracting the consumers we prefer to work with increases very quickly. It goes back to the old adage “BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER”.

So, how do you define your ideal target audience?

I think the first step is looking at your bottom line and assessing who is in the market for what you are offering. In some cases like fast food everyone can afford and likes your product, so defining your ideal target audience pretty simple…it’s pretty much everyone who will spend money with you. There isn’t really much of an advantage of having higher earning customers over average folks because the cost is negligible. Average folks may appreciate the value a little more than the higher earners, but the higher earners may appreciate better customer service as they are accustomed to a higher level of service, so this is a pretty easy one.

It is more difficult to define ideal target audience when you get into more discriminatory businesses. In marketing we really need to discriminate or categorize consumers into pretty tight demographics. When you start really looking at what makes an ideal target the questions I asked at the beginning of this post ring true. Here they are narrowed down a little more…

1. Are they interested in your product/service?
2. Can they afford your product/service either by writing a check or financing?
3. Do they fit into a profile that you enjoy working with?
4. Do they appreciate your expertise and treat you with respect throughout your process?
5. Does their sphere of influence include other consumers like them and are they the type of person who will refer?

Your ideal target audience is this consumer. So now that you have determined this, now you can use that demographic criteria to determine the best way to reach those folks…and if it costs you a little more to specifically target them you know that they are worth it. They will have a higher propensity to buy, they are enjoyable to work with and they pay their bill without a lot of headache.

What else could you ask for?