Sometimes you want to try something or somewhere new, but aren’t quite sure that the value is really there. If there was an amazing deal that takes the risk out of trying it out you might feel more compelled to give it a shot. Finding amazing discounts and deals in northern California can be challenging, but here are a couple ideas for you.

Groupon is always a great go to for local deals. It always amazes me to see the whole gamut of low end to high end companies peddling their wares here. The deal they offer isn’t advantageous to the advertiser, except that it creates exposure to new customers who will hopefully return and pay full price. I guess in the end that is what we all really want.

Direct mail is a great way to find some really great offers also. Keep your eyes open in your mailbox or even in front of your house for these things. Some companies like RSVP Publications posts the ads they run in their direct mail postcard decks on their website so consumers who may not actually qualify to receive the mailers can still take advantage of the great offers/discounts.

Member services for companies like AAA, certain credit card companies, Legal Shield, credit unions and health insurance providers often have partners that offer their members special discounts. It is often very prudent to take a look at the different memberships you have to see if they have special offers in your area.

Costco is a fantastic place to find reduced rate gift cards for local companies as well. I have recently seen a lot of locally owned restaurant, spa and entertainment deals at our local Costco. This is a great way to save as much as 30% on the places you already go…or maybe have been thinking about going to.

That about covers it for how to find amazing discounts on the things you want to do in northern California.