We started advertising with RSVP a year ago, and at first we were very skeptical. Then the first deck came out…and we were blown away by the immediate impact!!! (We got about 150-200 cards the first month it came out)!! Not only that, the majority of the customers coming in, were new faces! The outcome has been very measurable. This has proven to be the best advertising we have ever done. The other thing we like is the amount of time our offer is out there. We see people coming in the whole time the card is out, and the fact that it does not expire for 3 months or better, encourages them to hold onto it. If you are a restaurant owner, wondering where to spend your advertising money this year, in this tight economy, invest in RSVP, you can COUNT on it working!!
Although it is always tough pulling the trigger on advertising, RSVP was money well spent for us.

Not only has the phone been ringing, as a direct result of these cards, we have already landed quite a few jobs. To be honest, I wish I would have started working with RSVP years ago. RSVP is a “no brainer”… Bottom line is… It works. As a business owner, you can’t sit around and wait for the phone to ring. You have to make it ring. RSVP makes the phone ring, guaranteed. Look for “Tugwell Roofing Co.” to be a main stay in RSVP.

We ran our first card with RSVP in Spring of 09 and received reasonable results (we definitely had a positive return on our investment) but not quite what Stephen or I had hoped for. Stephen said that the odds were that we would see an increase in response the second time around (and I thought “that’s what all ad guys say”). We decided to run again since there was obviously something to this. We changed the design a little and ran again in the Summer mailing. We received 5x the response within the first three weeks! We ran again in the Fall mailing and received similar results. I would recommend RSVP to any heath care professional that wants to bring new clientele to their practice
Being a small business, I must watch every dollar I spend on advertising. I have tried every kind of advertising there is and RSVP is the best for your buck. I get great results and my company exposure is greatI’ve been with RSVP for 4 years now and I never plan to stop. It has been a pleasure to work with a company that does what they say they will do.
We love RSVP postcards here at Urban Retreat! Not only do we get lots of new clients, our old clients get a reminder in the mail that it is time to come and see us! Plus our sales rep Ben Tillery makes sure to stop by frequently to touch bases with us.
To put it plain and simple: RSVP has worked so well for me, that for the first time, I cannot get the time to run all of the leads that are generated from the mailing. It is a good problem to have! I wish I could help them all. I get paid for this!! It’s great!.:-)
The RSVP team puts all of their experience and expertise to work designing the cards in a simple to read format that continually gets the attention of new customers.

In addition, I like that all of the calls that come in from RSVP marketing are recorded and sent to me so that I can listen to how my staff handles the leads that some in. From this, I have been able to critique the strengths and weaknesses of our practice communications with patients and provide additional training where necessary.

Since we have started advertising with RSVP, we have doubled our business and exposure! I would highly recommend advertising your services and or products with them if you are looking for growth and a good company to collaborate with that makes the process simple and easy.

RSVP produces our Top ROI. We advertise across many different forms of media and direct mail and RSVP consistently delivers leads at a cost of 4%-8%. – Well below our requirements! Working with RSVP feels more like a partnership as opposed to just a vender relationship. They have always been very responsive to any and all requests we have made. They are not only very knowledgeable about their own product, they have also provided valuable and accurate advice on other media in the marketplace.

On top of everything, the lead quality from RSVP is vastly superior to our other advertising. My manager reports that they can actually tell the difference in quality between the calls coming from RSVP versus calls generated by our other advertising. We have had individual jobs in excess of $100,000 generated from the RSVP Postcard Deck.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ben Tillery for the last year.
During this time Ben has been assisting MD Imaging Vascular with our advertising. Ben is easy to work with, and always has creative ideas. Anytime I send him an e-mail or a phone call he always has prompt response. We have had good results with the RSVP cards, and we look forward to our continued partnership with Ben in the upcoming year.
You can tell immediately when the mailers go out. My phones are flooded with calls and I have endless customers walking through my doors. The best part is that I can listen to all the incoming calls and hear the conversations my staff has with clients because we use the call tracking feature!
I was so skeptical at first that this would work. I can’t believe the response we got even after our first run. It really blows me away that we keep getting such a high volume of calls even though these are mostly going to the same homes each mailing. We have gotten jobs from people giving these cards to their friends, Mom’s giving them to their kids, etc. We have been canceling all of our other non-digital advertising but my manager will not let me cancel RSVP.